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Savour our typical dishes

At Ristorante Centrale, authentic tastes are served to you on a silver plate from rosy light of dawn to golden sunset. If a delicious breakfast is the first thing that’s on your mind on a morning, don’t miss out on our delicious buffet breakfast in Ristorante Centrale. Guests with a sweet tooth can feast on brioches, biscuits, fruit, and cakes, while lovers of savoury delicacies can eat their fill of salami and sausages, cheeses, egg-based dishes, and fresh vegetables.


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Themed dinners: fantasy is served

There’s a place where Italian, Marche, and international specialities come together at the table and start to speak the same language: the language of flavour. Your dinner opens with the mouth-watering interplay between first and main courses of meat and fish, continuing with cooked vegetables and salads, drawing to a delicious close with dessert and fruit. There’s also plenty of international cuisine, grilled meat and fish, typical Marche dishes, and specialities from other regions of Italy. Get ready to be swept away on a wave of heavenly flavours!

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