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Natural Village
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When Conero and environs call, adventure begins!

Conero and environs: always something new

The sea that washes against the Riviera del Conero and its environs is multifaceted in its beauty. At times it soothes our souls with its calm waters, while at others it impetuously invites us to ride its waves. During your holiday at Natural Village Resort overlooking the breathtaking coastline, listen to the call of adventure and dive into the freedom of the water: be amazed by the colours of the seafloor, embark on a thrilling sailboat voyage, push your limits with kitesurfing, or try to find your balance with stand-up paddle boarding. Thanks to the numerous water sports, the emotion will be almost palpable!

Conero and environs by bike

The countryside of Conero and environs seems to have come straight from a renaissance painting: the pastel colours of the gently rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards, and farmland stretching as far as the eye can see, the harmonious interplay of steep cliffs and romantic hidden bays. There’s no better way to explore this enchanting place than from the seat of your bicycle! Pedal at your own pace, immerse yourself in the scents of nature, stop to admire the colours of sunset on the sea, and experience Conero and environs in all its grandeur. It’s time to discover the numerous cycle paths that fan out around our Natural Village Resort.

Visit Conero and environs the natural way

Nature is entwined with the Riviera del Conero and its environs, creating a kind of living tapestry: admiring it from on high, it almost looks like the stunning traditional lacework of the Marche region. The winding route of the panoramic coastal roads and the dense network of paths that climb the heights of Conero Regional Park invite you to embark on a journey to discover a land bursting with natural beauty: whether it’s a hike with the entire family, a romantic walk as a couple, or an adventurous horse ride, Conero and environs will always make you feel part of something bigger. 

If Conero and environs could talk

If Conero and environs could talk, it would tell you of its illustrious past, of how its art and architecture were born, it would recite solemn poetic verses, and would guide you through the maze of lanes in Italy’s most beautiful villages, where the authenticity of traditions can be felt wherever you go. During your holiday at Natural Village Resort, why not take a break from diving into the pool and instead dive into the culture of the Marche region? And remember: its delicious cuisine is also an important cultural treasure! Have you ever tried Maccheroncini IGP, a delicate local pasta that traces its origins back to the 1500s, or Garibaldi salami? On the Marche coast and its environs, you can taste history!