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Natural Village
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Holidays by the sea in Conero: where the Blue Flag flies

Those who spend their holidays by the sea in Conero benefit from the close contact between two realms: on one side towers Mount Conero with its verdant park, on the other lies the sea with its stunning seafloor, its incredible variety of flora and fauna, and its endless, sparkling blue waters. While staying at Natural Village Resort, you’ll have the chance to set sail on the open sea every day to discover precious treasures, maybe catching a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles, and rare fish! The Blue Flag sea of the Conero Regional Park will let you discover the benefits of immersing yourself in an unspoilt paradise, kindling feelings of purity, authenticity, and freedom. It’s time to stop observing the world from afar and dive into the blue sea! 

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Adventures at full sail near the Riviera del Conero

The Riviera del Conero is a real paradise for adventurous spirits, always on the lookout for new horizons to explore, dreaming of freedom. Leave solid ground behind you, go where the wind takes you, and embark on an exciting sailing boat trip! Discover hidden places that can only be reached from the sea, admire the Conero headland and the stunning Marche coast from a new angle, and swim in crystal-clear waters. Or if you’d prefer to combine your love for the sea with the adrenaline of sport, then surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, and SUP are just exactly what you’re looking for! And if you love getting to the bottom of things, what could be better than a diving adventure to discover the Adriatic seabed?