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Where the sea meets the mountains

The Riviera del Conero is the perfect place for free spirits: Discover one of the most majestic headlands of the Adriatic Coast where the Mediterranean scrub prospers in its authentic, wild state, and the paths hug the natural contours of the land without disturbing their beauty. Walking along the numerous trails in Conero Regional Park, you will see rays of sunlight filtering through the branches of pine and juniper, and the sparkling blue of the sea emerging from between the foliage. It’s time to embark on a new adventure!


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Only for curious spirits!

Do you dream of enjoying a holiday at Natural Village Resort dedicated to relaxation, sport, and adventures in nature? Conero Regional Park with its 18 trails suitable for all ages, physical abilities and tastes, and the countryside of the Marche region with its natural beauty, villages, and culinary specialities, Conero Regional Park is sure to inspire your spirit of adventure. Why not see for yourself?

Trail map

Hikes in Conero Regional Park:

Route 301 “Traversata del Conero”

(4h –

Starting from Poggio Sant’Antonio, cross a wooded stretch until you reach Pian Grande, from where you enjoy a splendid view of Baia di Portonovo. Continue towards the crypt of Chiesa di San Pietro and walk along the cliffs to the belvedere overlooking Baia delle Due Sorelle.

Route 301a “Belvedere Nord”

(1h – 2.2km)

Starting from Gran Piano, follow the nature path to the left that leads to a spectacular vantage point overlooking the sea. From here, follow the uphill path to the right until you reach variant 301B. Now, follow the asphalt road to the former Camaldolese Convent.

Route 301b “Incisioni rupestri”

(30min – 0.7km)

Starting from Pian di Raggetti, follow the wide path uphill through the forest. Passing Casa Lucignani on the left, after 100m you leave the path and arrive at the rock engravings. If you continue, you’ll reach the asphalt road.

Route 301c “Grotta del Mortarolo”

(20min – 0.2km)

Starting from the former Camaldolese Convent and following the path towards Fonte d’Olio, you take a detour to the left and soon after reach a natural cave known as Grotta del Mortarolo.

Route 302 “Sentiero delle due sorelle”

(3h – 5.4km)

Starting from Sirolo, take the provincial road towards Ancona and turn right at the first crossroads onto Via Vallone, an asphalt road that takes you uphill. After passing the Sirolo cemetery, you soon reach a dirt road that winds along the edge of the cliff. At a crossroads (junction with path no. 1), descend to the right, take the second small road that takes you uphill on the left and you’ll reach an olive grove. Continue on a path through dense Mediterranean scrub, which offers wonderful views of the beaches of Sirolo and Numana. You’ll then arrive at Passo del Lupo, a rocky spur overlooking the sea and from which there is a spectacular view of the small Baia delle Due Sorelle Bay, which can be reached via a ferrata for which technical sportswear is required.

Route 303 “Sentiero dei Sassi Neri”

(3h – 2.9km)

Starting from Via Vallone in Sirolo, you reach a viewpoint and continue through a pine forest to Spiaggia dei Sassi Neri, where you can admire the characteristic Scaglia Rossa limestone.

Route 304 “Spiaggia di San Michele”

(1h – 1.8km)

Starting from Parco della Repubblica, follow the main road to the panoramic vantage point. Here you can admire Monte Conero and Spiaggia dei Sassi Neri. Then, following the fence, take the dirt road that descends inside a marly cliff characterised by a forest of Aleppo pines. The road narrows into a path that quickly descends to Spiaggia di S. Michele. Once on the beach, you can continue to the right until Urbani Grotto, a natural cave located at the foot of the plateau on which the village of Sirolo stands.

Route 305 “Stradone di S. Lorenzo”

(2h – 6km)

Starting from Sirolo, walk to Fonte d’Olio on the provincial road that leads towards Ancona. When you reach the Alle Cave theatre, take the path to the right and until you see a dirt track. From there, continue left along and you will encounter, in succession, three old quarries, in the second of which you can admire the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary, an interesting geological formation. Continue to the left on the dirt road that leads up the right-hand side of the stream, and on the upper part of the path, follow the ridge to Pian di Raggetti.

Route 306 “Stradone di S. Andrea”

(1h – 2km)

Starting from the geological site of Massignano, climb a wide dirt road that, after passing a few houses, reaches a grassy plain with a panoramic view of the southern slopes of Monte Conero. Continue to the left and, having reached the edge of the woods, at the fork take the small road that enters the scrub of pines and holm oaks. Continue straight ahead for a long stretch until you reach a crossroads at which you turn right to Pian di Raggetti.

Route 307 “Anello Grotte Romane e Cava Nascosta”

(2h – 2.3km)

Starting from the sports field of Poggio, walk in the direction of Sirolo to an old quarry. From here, continue along a dense forest until the Roman Caves and the spectacular viewpoint over Monte S. Vicino.

Route 308 “Sentiero dei Gigli”

(1h – 1.2km)

Starting from the small road that runs from the sports field of Poggio between the disused kiln and the abandoned quarry, you’ll reach a forest and then a steep climb. The path passes a ruin (Casa Mandolesi or Casa dei Gigli) that almost hidden by vegetation on the right and leads to Pian Grande.

Route 309 “Anello di Portonovo”

(1h – 2.3km)

Starting from Baia di Portonovo, walk along Lago Grande to the Napoleonic Fort and imposing Torre di Guardia. Keep walking until you reach the Church of S. Maria di Portonovo and Lake Profondo, after which you can return to the starting point by walking back through the forest.

Route 313 “Sentiero della Scalaccia”

(1h – 1,8km)

Starting from Sirolo, take the panoramic provincial road to Ancona and, about 200 metres after the sign indicating the beginning of the town, turn right onto Via Monte Venanzio. After a few hundred metres, leave the asphalt road and take the dirt road to the left. At the crossroads, follow the path that leads you uphill into the forest. At the next crossroads, take the path to the right which, through numerous hairpin bends consisting largely of steps, leads to the white limestone beach of La Scalaccia.

Route 314 “Percorso della Fonte di Capo d’acqua”

(2h – 3.2km)

Starting from Siloro, continue in the direction of San Lorenzo. When you reach the square of the same name, descend to the Capo d’Acqua spring and then walk uphill through the oak grove. At the end of a rather steep stretch, you reach a farmhouse from which you take a flath path. Turning right towards a pine forest, you reach the summit of Monte Colombo (253m), a panoramic vantage point from which you can enjoy views of Monte Conero, the coastline, and the hills of the Marche hinterland.

Route 315 “Anello della Pecorara”

(3h – 6.7km)

Starting from the former Massignano quarry, head towards Sirolo. At kilometre 13, descend to the right and, at the fork, go left, then right again, and finally towards an oak forest. Take the small road to the left and then continue towards the valley. From here, go up to the left and arrive at a crossroads. Take the road to the right, arrive at a small wayside shrine, and continue straight on to a crossroads. From here, go right and follow a pine forest up the right-hand side of Pecorara.

Route 315a “Monte Colombo”

(30min – 1.2km)

Starting from route 315, continue left until you reach a dirt road. Turn left and, at gate, turn right to reach a pine forest. At the end of the forest, you pass a series of meadows and then descend to the right. Continue along a path to the panoramic summit of Monte Colombo.

Route 316 “Percorso del Betelico”

(3h – 7.3km)

Starting from San Germano, continue towards Ancona and after a few hundred metres turn right onto Via Bagnolo. Travel the entire length of the small road and turn left at the crossroads onto a wide carriageway. At the next crossroads, turn right and follow the long flat stretch that runs alongside Fosso Betelico, which offers a magnificent panorama. Having arrived at the net crossroads marked by two imposing trees, follow the path that on the right that leads uphill. Once past the aqueduct, leave the roadway and descend along a dirt track to a provincial road. Go uphill again on the right towards Massignano, pass through the village centre, and continue along the asphalt road that descends for about one and a half kilometres: at the fork, turn right onto a small road that skirts a wide meadow.

Route 317 “Sentiero del Boranico”

(3h – 4.4km)

Starting from Varano, follow the trail to the valley floor of Rio Boranico, from where you enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Monte Conero as well as the surrounding vineyards and the hills. Now, cross the small bridge over the stream and continue along a tree-lined trail to the village of S. Germano.

Route 318 “Anello della Gradina”

(3h – 5.4km)

Starting from the provincial road that leads from Sirolo to Ancona, take the road to Camerano near the Poggio bypass. Immediately after the junction, you reach a vantage point overlooking the hinterland and the city of Ancona, from which you descend to an asphalt road. Having passed a characteristic cone-shaped hill called La Gradina, turn right onto a dirt road that leads you downhill to Fosso Tomba, a tributary of the Boranico river. From here, the path ascends to a house from which a road leads to the local cemetery and then to the hamlet of Poggio. Taking the road on the right, the trail passes Monte Zoia and then leads you downhill back to the starting point.

Get your fill of adventure in the environs of Conero

Whatever you’re looking for, Conero is sure to deliver! Just a stone’s throw from our Natural Village Resort, families with children will have the chance to enjoy moments of togetherness as a family on the “Passeggiata Marinai d’Italia” or Italian mariners’ walk, which takes you from Porto Potenza Picena waterfront to Baden-Powell viewpoint, which boasts a fantastic view of the coastline. Couples can walk along the heart-shaped town walls of Potenza Picena and enjoy the sunset from the stunning Lake Cingoli, or from the romantic lakes of Conero Park. For those of a more daring disposition, we recommend visiting the Frasassi Caves, the largest Karst complex in Europe with its extraordinary cavern, the spectacular Fiastrone canyons, and the “Marmitte dei Giganti” (cauldron of the giants) canyon, not to mention the enchanting natural parks! The choice is yours!

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