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Natural Village
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Our safety measures

Safety first

  • Disinfection of the cottages with certified products, carried out by professionals equipped with all the protection required by law. Serological tests carried out weekly.
  • Ozone sanitation with certified machinery if required
  • Conditioners sanitised with certified bactericidal and virucidal products
  • Cleaning and disinfection of common areas twice a day and of all surfaces with which the guest comes into contact: handles, buttons, taps as well as paper, soap, and gel dispensers
  • Take-away meals and use of disposable products in pizzeria and bar
  • Easily disinfectable transparent plastic bag to protect the two remote controls in each apartment
  • Printed and plasticised certification in the apartment of the products used for cleaning and for the air conditioner
  • Apartment keys and rechargeable cards disinfected upon return

Take-away restaurant & bar

  • Fixed protective plexiglas on the counters with a height of 1.80cm from the ground
  • Disinfectant dispensers
  • Posters at the entrances of closed rooms and bathrooms
  • Disposable gloves available for guests at the reception