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Natural Village
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More than just a seaside resort in Marche: Natural Village Resort

Our resort & Conero Regional Park: a winning combination

Why will our resort on the Marche coast make you fall in love at first sight? That would be because of its unmistakeable personality, which sets it apart from the large number of tourist villages in the Marche region. Or perhaps it’s because the Natural Village Resort lets you enjoy the Riviera del Conero in all its beauty. Between the laughter, fun, absolute tranquillity and culinary delights, your holiday in our resort near Conero Regional Park will make you feel like you’re in a waking dream. And when you close your eyes at night in our comfortable cottages, the Adriatic Sea will soothe you with the whispering of the breeze and the lullaby of the waves. When the natural beauty of Conero Regional Park and our resort join forces, only one thing can happen: a holiday to treasure forever!

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On the Marche coast: resort or paradise?

If there are as many seaside villages in the Marche region as there are grains of sand, then Natural Village Resort must be a sandcastle, built in perfect harmony with the stunning coastline by the expert hands of those who love and respect nature, with the boundless enthusiasm of a child. For us, our resort represents a kingdom of pure emotion for the whole family in an unspoilt natural paradise.

Discover the highlights of our wonderful resort with cottages in the Marche region:

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Villages in the Marche region – many. Natural Village Resort – unique.

In the Marche region, the magic word that opens all doors is variety: from its natural treasures to its rich historic and artistic heritage and its delicious culinary delicacies. This also applies to our resort on the Marche coast, inviting our guests to discover the hidden beauty behind the varied landscape: from relaxing by the pool to the freedom of the open sea, from compelling entertainment to enthralling walks of discovery in the surrounding area. Natural Village Resort is much more than just another seaside village in the Marche region: with so much variety, we can’t help but stand out from the crowd.

Our cottages a stone’s throw from the sea

At our seaside resort in the Marche region, we don’t just let ourselves drift on the current: We ride the wave of sustainability with the enthusiasm that has always set us apart. Every day, we fall more in love with the resplendent nature that surrounds us, protecting it from harm and danger, enhancing it with our loving care, and lavishing it with attention and respect. These small touches make Natural Village Resort not only environmentally friendly, but also pet friendly. How does our beloved nature let us know the feeling is mutual, you ask? Just take a look outside your seaside cottage in the Marche region and the answer will be as crystal-clear as the sea.